Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bitter tears...

"Therefore I said: “Look away from me; let me weep bitter tears; do not labor to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people.” - Isaiah 22:4

"The Age of Reason" had such an influence on the churches and schools of the late 1700s that a need for revival was sought. Timothy Dwight, grandson of Jonathan Edward's and president of Yale University, helped to create a national evangelical movement called the "The Second Great Awakening". This effort was intended to "re-church" America and In 1800, Dwight wrote the hymn "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord", which contained the words: "For her my tears shall fall". 
Isaiah prophecied at a time when spiritual declension was wide spread in Israel. The rampant apathy and ungodly pursuits had finally led to the outpouring of God's chastening wrath. The Lord's call for repentance had been ignored, "In that day the Lord God of hosts called for weeping and mourning... and behold, joy and gladness." (22:12-13) The prophet now wept bitter tears for his people.
When you and I see the materialism, spiritual apathy and pleasure seeking of the evangelical church, do we weep? When we hear the reports of hatred and rage across our nation, do we recognize the need for revival? Revival, or a "great awakening" is all about restoring spiritual passion, power and influence to a repentant people of God. And I don't believe that it will come until we fall on our knees in prayer and weep bitter tears for His church.

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