Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Antidote...

"Then Job answered the Lord and said: “Behold, I am of small account; what shall I answer you? I lay my hand on my mouth. I have spoken once, and I will not answer; twice, but I will proceed no further.” - Job 40:3-5
I once knew a young man that had all the answers in life. Unfortunately for him, no one seemed to agree with him. Wherever he was hired, he would become accutely aware that he had far better ideas for the business to succeed than the management. Again, to his loss, his employers would disagree and send him on his way. To this very day, he struggles with such debilitating arrogance, in great need of an antidote.
Job started out on the road of suffering, humble and broken. But, as time passed a strange condition began to take over. In his deep grief and despondency he experienced a sense of self righteousness. First, he saw himself as superior to his friends in wisdom and compassion. Then, his condition worsened, until he found himself questioning God. Finally, when he was placed alongside the Almighty, he awakened to see that he was "of small account". The antidote was found!
The story is timeless my friend. Pride is one of, if not, the greatest of all sins. It grows in us like a cancer. Our world nurtures it by reminding us that we "deserve a break today". We're led down the dangerous path of self worth until "it's all about me". Satan's temptation in the garden centered on this one angle - "you will be like God" (Genesis 3:5) Thankfully, there is an antidote for such a debilitating arrogance... When we awaken to see that God alone is God, and we are "of small account". 

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